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Atty. Danilo L. Concepcion

President, University of the Philippines

Night Owl is a remarkable journal of the government's "Build Build, Build" Program from the account of someone who is personally and passionately involved in its implementation. It tells us why “Build, Build, Build" is a legacy of the Filipino people. It is the work of the government, the citizens who contribute to public coffers, and the millions of Filipino workers who have completed the roads, bridges, school buildings, flood mitigation structures, evacuation centers, airports, and seaports in all the country's regions.

I am not surprised that Anna Mae is devoted to "Build, Build, Build." She saw herself how these projects opened opportunities, especially for those who live in the countryside; how more Filipinos now dream and aspire for a better future. These ideals resonated with Anna Mae, who learned much from her education as an alumna of the College of Development Communication, UP Los Banos, and the UP College of Law

Night Owl is a journal of our nation's growth in terms of infrastructure development in the last five years. It narrates how this ambitious program despite the criticisms and cynicism delivered and paved the way for Filipinos to dream bigger. Hopefully, these stories will inspire more leaders to be equally generous in their ambition for our nation.

Congratulations, Anna Mae, for recording history through Night Owl!

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