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Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda

Three-Term Senator and Representative of the Lone District of Antique

“Build, Build, Build" has brought Filipinos not only hope for a better future, but also concrete opportunities for growth of our communities, especially those in the countryside.

Also worth noting are projects that are in line with our advocacy on disaster resilience and sustainability. The flood risk management projects in our rivers, the Leyte Tide Embankment Project, the Metro Manila Priority Bridges Seismic Improvement Project, and many others make our communities safer from natural hazards such as flooding, landslides, Yolanda-like supertyphoons and storm surges, and the Big One. Roads that have been built with bike lanes and sidewalks address our call to promote sustainable mobility options.

“Night Owl" by Anna Mae Lamentillo provides us statistics and the stories of these projects, the men and women behind them, the struggles that had to be overcome, and the early triumphs brought about by "Build, Build, Build.”

Congratulations on this worthy read!

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