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Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo

Feb 19, 2024

London Fashion Week: Natasha Zinko’s celestial couture

Natasha Zinko's show at London Fashion Week transported attendees into a futuristic realm inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clarke's vision of everyday space travel. The collection encapsulated a forward-looking perspective, imagining a future where the extraordinary becomes routine. Zinko's designs exuded a sense of innovation and whimsy, offering a glimpse into a world where space exploration has become an everyday occurrence.

The runway showcased off-duty astronauts donning padded underwear jumpsuits split diagonally by zips, along with giant jackets featuring curved spacesuit sleeves. These striking ensembles brought to mind a world where space travel is as commonplace as a commercial airline flight. The juxtaposition of utilitarian elements with avant-garde silhouettes created a captivating visual narrative, underscoring Zinko's imaginative approach to fashion.

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