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Panay East West Highway

Panay East West Highway
Project Overview

The 41.80 -kilometer Panay East West Highway will complement the existing routes of the Strong Republic National Highway leading to Culasi Port in Ajuy in Iloilo. It traverses along existing national secondary road linking the Iloilo towns of Calinog, Passi, Lemery, Sara, and Concepcion toward Culasi in Ajuy, thereby complementing the Panay EastWest Lateral Highway. It starts in Brgy. Ilaures in Bugasong in Antique and ends at Valderrama in Antique and Lambunao in Iloilo.

Project Impact

The project will reduce the travel time between Central Iloilo and Antique from two and a half hours to just two hours, benefiting around 300 motorists daily.

This project is expected to enhance agri-eco tourism by connecting the municipalities it passes through, making the transport of goods more efficient. Improved transportation access will create more opportunities to market agricultural products in the provinces of Antique and Iloilo.

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