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If you are reading this, and you’re part of the Build, Build, Build team—without you, we wouldn’t have been able to build 29,264 kilometers of roads, 5,950 bridges, 11,340 flood control projects, 222 evacuation centers, 150,149 classrooms, 214 airport projects, and 451 seaport projects. The Philippines is in a much better place because of your skills, work, and sacrifices.

To the 6.5 Million Build, Build, Build, Team

Build, Build, Build has been the target of fake news, trolls, and critics. They have tried to redefine it far from its scope — and in their “proud, most credible voice” — report it as truth.

Sa 6.5 Milyong Sakop sa Build, Build, Build Team
The Philippines will be a trillion dollar club member

The economy of the Philippines is the world’s 28th largest economy by GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) according to the 2018 estimate of the International Monetary Fund.

Ang Pilipinas Mamahimong Sakop sa Trillion Dollar Club
What has Build, Build, Build achieved so far?

I began writing this piece on Build, Build, Build while on my way back to Manila from Tarlac after inaugurating the first 18-kilometer segment of Central Luzon Link Freeway...

Unsay Natuman na sa Build, Build, Build? 29,264 ka kilometrong kalsada, 5,950 ka tulay, 214 ka tugpahanan, ug 451 ka pantalan.
5 years later: 5,950 bridges

According to the World Risk Report, inadequate and inefficient infrastructure and weak logistic networks significantly increase the risk for an extreme natural hazard to backslide into a disaster.

Sulod Sa Lima Ka Tuig: 5,950 Ka Taytayan
Sofa in the drainage

Out of the 171 countries assessed in the 2016 World Risk Report, the Philippines ranked third most exposed to natural hazards. According to PAGASA, the Philippines is visited by at least 20 tropical cyclones every year.

Sofa sa Kanal
Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

Typhoon Nina, internationally known Nock-ten, entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on December 23.

Kinsa si Rodrigo Duterte?
The Other Side of Mark Villar

When Secretary Mark Villar was first appointed in 2016, a lot were critical. But after working with him for several years, I had no doubt, he would deliver.

Kinsa si Mark Villar?
21 Things you need to know about the EDSA Decongestion Program Masterplan

A few years back while attending the Leaders in Development program of Harvard  Kennedy School, our professor asked us to write one thing we aspired to achieve in the next ten years.

21 ka Butang nga Angay mong Masayran Labot sa EDSA Decongestion Masterplan
Boracay: A case of political will

Before the six-month closure, coliform bacteria in Bolabog reached as high as one million most probable number (MPN) per 100 mililiter (ml).

Political Will sa Boracay Transformation
Surpassing the invisible line

A few years back, as my travel to Mindanao became more frequent with the construction of the Mindanao Road Network Development, a 2,567-kilometer...

Ang Pagdaog sa Di Makitang Linya
Walkable Cities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes while at least 20 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability as a result.

Mga Dakbayan Nga Mahimong Lakwon
Bike lanes to the future

When I was in Massachusetts in 2020, the city government of Boston just launched the “Go Boston 2030 Vision Framework”...

Pagtukod og mga Bike Lane
Graduation in the time of COVID-19

I missed my graduation ceremony in 2020. I am part of the Class of COVID-19, one of 1.2 billion students affected by country-wide or localized closures of educational institutions.

Paghuman sa Panahon sa COVID-19
What I learned after my boat sank

In 2012, a few months before my graduation, I decided to visit the indigenous people of Tagbanua in Sitio Calauit.

Ang Nakat-onan Ko Dihang Nalunod Ang Akong Bangka
Why do I support Build, Build, Build?

Before I entered government, I was a humanitarian worker who traveled to all 18 regions in the country.

Nganong akong Gipaluyohan ang Build, Build, Build?
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