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Welcome to the "Viewpoints" section, where Anna Mae Lamentillo, a seasoned columnist with nine years of experience, shares her compelling opinion column titled Night Owl from the esteemed Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. With a rich legacy spanning 124 years, the Manila Bulletin is a renowned English broadsheet, and Anna Mae's thought-provoking insights have been a  cornerstone of its editorial content.


In Night Owl, Anna Mae fearlessly delves into a diverse range of critical issues that resonate deeply with her and hold significant relevance in today's world. From infrastructure and public transportation to the preservation of green spaces, climate change, environmental sustainability, and the intricacies of economics and climate financing, Anna Mae offers a distinct perspective that challenges conventional thinking and fosters meaningful discourse.


Furthermore, she passionately advocates for women's empowerment, recognizing the pivotal role of gender equality in shaping a just and equitable society.


Whether you're a longtime follower of Night Owl or new to Anna Mae's astute observations, her writings are poised to inspire reflection and ignite a deeper understanding of the pressing issues that confront our world today.


Join us as we continue to engage with Anna Mae's incisive commentary on the most relevant topics of our time, offering her unique perspectives and challenging us to rethink the world in which we live.

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