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Anna Mae Lamentillo builds Night Owl GPT: An AI Platform Championing the Linguistic Diversity of the Philippines

April 23, 2024

Anna Mae Lamentillo builds Night Owl GPT: An AI Platform Championing the Linguistic Diversity of the Philippines

“Magandang araw! I am Anna Mae Lamentillo, a proud daughter of the Philippines, a country celebrated for its vibrant cultural tapestry and the incredible diversity of its people,” announces Anna Mae with enthusiasm.

As the Chief Future Officer of Build Initiative Foundation, she stood before an international audience at the IMPACT-WorldBank24X at George Washington University. Being part of the Karay-a community, one among the many ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines, Anna Mae is intimately aware of the linguistic treasures that define her homeland, as well as the hurdles faced by indigenous language speakers in embracing digital innovations.

In a bold move to protect these linguistic gems and facilitate their integration into the digital age, Anna Mae has introduced Night Owl GPT, an AI platform incubated under London School of Economics and tailored for the Filipino people, especially those belonging to various ethnolinguistic groups. Night Owl GPT is not merely a technological breakthrough; it represents hope for languages on the brink of disappearance, a chance for them to thrive in a digital environment.

“Our mission with Night Owl is to unlock AI’s potential for every Filipino, regardless of their native tongue,” Anna Mae states. The platform currently delivers support for prominent Filipino languages such as Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilokano, and it ambitiously aims to encompass all 170 languages spoken throughout the archipelago.

But Night Owl GPT’s ambitions soar higher than just translation. The platform embodies a seamless blend of voice and text communication with invaluable cultural nuances, enabling Filipinos from all corners of the nation to be accurately represented and connected. This inclusive approach is key to empowering communities that have historically been marginalized, helping them to navigate and benefit from the digital landscape.

The urgency to close the digital gap could not be more pressing. Without the tools to participate in the digital world, the divide grows, exacerbating social disparities. Night Owl GPT confronts this challenge by democratizing access to AI, transforming technology into a conduit for social justice.“Let’s embark on this revolutionary path together, as we forge ahead towards a future where every Filipino voice can be heard, and every story told, regardless of linguistic lineage,” Anna Mae passionately invites. “Join forces with us to create a world where technology is a bridge, not a barrier, fostering an inclusive and harmonious society.”

Anna Mae Lamentillo’s vision goes beyond conservation of languages; she is an advocate for equitable AI benefits, nurturing a future where inclusivity is the norm.

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