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Title of the Book: Night Owl: A Nationbuilder’s Manual
ISBN:  978-621-96635-8-8 (Hardbound); 978-621-8392-03-8 (Paperback)
Author: Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo
Publisher: Manila Buletin Publishing Corporation
Publisher Address: Manila Bulletin Publication, Muralla corner Recoletos Streets, Intramuros, Manila
Editor: AA Patawaran
Book Layout: Christian John Santos
Photography: DPWH, Ken Jover, Hans Melvin Ang, Dmitri Valencia
Book Project Manager: Joncristian Gerrald Cheng Tan
Edition: 2nd Edition
Language: English
Copyright: 2021
Price: 1200
Format: Hardbound, Paperback
Pages: 384
Size: 23.5 cm x 16 cm

Night Owl: A Nationbuilder’s Manual (English)


Night Owl offers a comprehensive look at the Build Build Build Program – President Rodrigo Duterte’s medium term development strategy to effectively usher in Philippines ’Golden Age of Infrastructure. It follows and provides a first hand narrative of the daunting details of tasks, reforms, and projects undertaken by Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar. Night Owl sheds light into the difficult challenges, critiques, and difficult decisions faced by the Build Build Build team and dives into the consequences subsequently.


Witness heartwarming stories of Filipinos whose lives have improved with the completion of roads, bridges, rail, flood control projects, airports, seaports and classrooms. Night Owl is a compelling visual and informative storytelling of Philippine’s journey of change and transformation as it rally Philippines from a tiger cub economy to a first world country.

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