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2nd Annual Poland IT Business Summit

Brittany Hotel BGC

October 24, 2023

2nd Annual Poland IT Business Summit

A pleasant day to everyone. Thank you for this opportunity and privilege to join you in this 2nd Annual Poland-Philippines IT Business Summit.

Poland is a truly enchanting country, offering a plethora of experiences that capture the heart and soul of its rich heritage. As I strolled along the banks of the magnificent Vistula River in Warsaw, I was mesmerized by the city's scenic beauty and the vibrant energy that surrounded me. Exploring its historic streets, I indulged in the culinary delights that Poland has to offer. From savoring the hearty flavors of Flaki and Zurek, traditional Polish dishes that delighted my taste buds, to immersing myself in the vibrant music scene, attending a captivating concert by the legendary Chapin, Poland left an indelible mark on my soul. The country's beauty, both in its landscapes and cultural offerings, has left me yearning to return soon. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can once again immerse myself in the captivating allure of Poland.


In a world that is increasingly digital and reliant on technology, the importance of this IT Business Summit is undeniably indispensable. We are at the forerunners of change, the architects of the digital future, and the stewards of a global transformation. This underscores our commitment to exploring solutions that will propel our economy and the challenges of this world.


Digital transformation is a national priority of the Philippine Government. As ICT systems have become crucial in more aspects of people’s lives and the economy, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has emphasized the need for universal connectivity to ensure that no citizen is left behind, a fully digital government that is sensitive to the people’s needs, and enabling a conducive environment for the digital economy.


As such, the Philippine Government thru the Department of Information, Communication Technology (DICT), the government agency tasked to develop and promote the use of ICT in the country,  has undertaken projects that will aid us in ensuring that the Filipino people will be able to adopt to continuous digital transformation.


To bolster our ICT programs in the country, we can benchmark on the practices of Poland on the field of digitalization. Poland’s ranking among EU states in terms of digitalization and its continuing efforts to contribute to achieving the goals of EU’s Digital Decade can serve as inspiration to Philippines as we also undertake solid measures towards the country’s digital transformation as well as in keeping our commitments to ensuring a sustainable digital future for the Southeast Asian region.


Poland has emerged as a frontrunner in the digital sphere, showcasing exemplary best practices that have propelled its growth and innovation. The country's commitment to fostering a thriving digital ecosystem is reflected in several key areas. Firstly, Poland has made significant strides in promoting digital literacy and education, ensuring that its population is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age. Additionally, the government has implemented forward-thinking policies to encourage entrepreneurship and attract foreign investments in the tech sector, fostering a vibrant startup culture. Poland's robust infrastructure, including widespread access to high-speed internet and advanced telecommunications networks, has laid a solid foundation for digital innovation. Furthermore, the country has prioritized cybersecurity, implementing comprehensive measures to protect its digital infrastructure and combat cyber threats. Poland's collaborative approach, fostering public-private partnerships and encouraging knowledge-sharing, has created a dynamic environment for technological advancements. These best practices have positioned Poland as a digital leader, and its continued commitment to digital excellence is set to pave the way for further innovation and growth in the years to come


Poland’s government is intent on removing all obstacles that hinder investments in high-speed Internet and e-services. Its investment in information technology solutions are geared towards popularizing access to wired and wireless Internet in the so called white spots. Many global technology companies have invested in Poland because of the quality of IT environment. With data centers and R&D facilities, the Polish IT sector continue to grow. Poland is becoming one of the leading data center hubs in the Central and Eastern Europe with many global layers investing.


Strengthening cybersecurity is also a priority. In fact, it has the Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Poland 2019-2024, which identifies the strategic objectives and appropriate policy and regulatory measures to be implemented to ensure the resilience of information systems, operators of essential services, operators of critical infrastructure, digital service providers, and public administrations to cyber threats. 


Further, Poland has large talent pool of ICT specialists. A land of smart people with a high percentage having a qualification from an institute of higher education, according to World Population Review. In fact, Poland has the largest pool of technology talent in Europe, with more than 295,000 programmers.


In line with this,  are confident that this summit is a great avenue for us to learn more strategies, to further develop the projects the we have started, and to enable us to come up with new innovations. 


Again, thank you very much for this opportunity and we are looking forward to the knowledge and experience that we will gain in participating and joining this very important event.






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