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Asia’s Modern Hero Award

Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila

February 17, 2023

Asia’s Modern Hero Award

It is a great honor to be among the recipients of Asia’s Modern Hero Awards 2023.


To be recognized as the Heroes’ Notable Female Government Leader of the Year is both humbling and inspiring.


As I accept this award, my commitment is to continue working hard to help our country achieve its full potential and improve the lives of Filipinos. Previously, we worked with 6.5 million Filipino workers to build roads, bridges, classrooms, flood mitigation projects, airports and seaports to improve mobility, access to basic services, and to connect our communities. 


Now, our goal is to ensure universal connectivity—this includes bridging the digital divide, closing the digital gender gap, and ensuring digital inclusion so that Filipinos can fully harness the benefits of digital technology.


This award will continue to inspire me to work towards the realization of my dream for our nation and to use my work to empower others to dream big and have the courage to seize it.


Thank you to the members of the Asia’s Modern Hero Awards Council for this recognition.









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