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Launching of Digital-related Government Programs in the City of Victorias

City of Victorias, Negros Occidental

January 30, 2023

Launching of Digital-related Government Programs in the City of Victorias

Digitalization has provided new and greater opportunities for growth and development. In fact, the United Nations said that emerging digital technologies can provide opportunities to bridge the rural-urban divide. People living in rural areas can have better quality of life through improved access and internet connectivity—the lack of it however will further not only the digital divide but also socioeconomic inequalities.


The importance of digital connectivity cannot be overemphasized. It was a crucial instrument of healing, survival, recovery and rebuilding amidst the global health crisis. Now, governments must keep up with the rapidly advancing technologies, otherwise their people will be left behind.


The administration of President Bongbong Marcos is very much aware of the importance of digitalization, which is why among his directives is to expand connectivity in the underserved and unserved areas in the country. Moreover, digitalizing government services to improve government productivity and efficiency in terms of delivering public services is also among the administration’s priorities. The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), under the leadership of Secretary Ivan John Uy, is working aggressively towards these goals.


The commitment of the DICT is to provide every Filipino access to vital ICT infostructure and services; establish one digitized government for the nation; support the administration in fully achieving its goals; and be an enabler, innovator, achiever, and leader in pushing the country’s development and transition towards a world-class digital economy. 


With the right policies, digitalization will allow for greater inclusion and improve government’s efficiency in delivering services to underserved communities. Our LGUs have a vital role here, because foremost, our leaders must be willing to embrace this digital transformation.


Digitalizing government processes and services is a huge undertaking, not only in terms of the resources needed and adopting new technologies, but also in learning and adapting to new processes. But any forward-looking leader would know that going digital is inevitable and is a worthy investment that will surely lead to better growth opportunities.


That is why I am happy to be here and be part of the launching of the various digital-related programs of the City of Victorias. Noteworthy are the programs under the Sidlak City Digital Network Assets which will streamline government processes, promote ease of doing business, and provide convenient ways for citizens to access e-government services. Meanwhile, including the Project VECTOR or Victorias Emergency and Crisis Tactical Operation and Response in the priorities for digitalization is a prudent decision because disaster risk reduction and management systems are crucial in ensuring that disasters would not undo years of development.  


I am certain that the City of Victorias under the leadership of Mayor Javi Benitez has more programs to launch as it treads the path towards being a Smart City. You can be assured that the DICT will be your partner in creating a strong, resilient, and inclusive digital city.


UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said, “Our future is digital. If you’re not part of it, you’re out of it.” Our gathering today proves that the City of Victorias is part of that future.


Congratulations to all Victoriahanons for taking this crucial step towards digital transformation. Thank you and good afternoon.






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