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Press Conference of GLOBE on the SIM Registration

Globe Valero Telepark, Makati City

February 20, 2023

Press Conference of GLOBE on the SIM Registration

Good morning everyone. On behalf of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and Secretary Ivan John Uy, I would like to thank Globe for organizing this SIM Registration press conference. 


We are almost halfway into the implementation of the SIM registration, and we have observed a slowdown in the number of registrants. Although we anticipated this lull, we are compelled to do more. We must use this as an opportunity to engage more end-users to participate. It is vital that we reinforce our strategies primarily through effective information and education campaigns. 


During the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City, I was able to visit some of Globe’s Dinagyang-themed booths that assisted and educated subscribers on the SIM Registration. Public-drawing festivals will help in our information campaign, and we are glad that Globe and the other telcos have been using these events as platforms to promote public awareness. It is important that we continue these strategies, alongside other campaigns to remind and engage more citizens to register their SIMs before the deadline on April 26, 2023.


Our messaging should focus on three points. First, the SIM Registration is mandatory. Those who are unable to register after the deadline would no longer be able to use their SIM. Second, the law is a protection against fraud and scams, a deterrent to crimes perpetrated through calls and text messages. Finally, the government and the telcos are working together to help the public comply with the law, because the people’s participation is vital in ensuring the success of this endeavor.


In line with this, we welcome the developments in Globe’s strategies, such as the registration through the GlobeOne App and brand offers linked to SIM Registration. I would also like to highlight Globe’s Optical Character Recognition Verification, which is important to discourage fake registrants and the use of falsified IDs; and the launch of assisted SIM registration sites nationwide that is vital to ensuring that end-users in farflung areas, especially in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs), can comply with the mandatory registration.


While our telcos are working double time, the DICT and NTC are also reinforcing our support to the telcos. We have been working with our partner agencies, including the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) for this undertaking. Moreover, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is coordinating with NTC for the simultaneous capturing of biometrics for the National ID while registering SIM cards, especially in remote areas. 


Our information campaign has also been non-stop and is now at the grassroots. For instance, last month, I met with the Association of Chief Executives (ACE) of Negros Occidental in the City of Victorias. The mayors committed to support the SIM Registration by encouraging their constituents, providing support for assisted registrations, and cascading the information to barangays for wider reach and to ensure that we reach our kababayans in all areas.  


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to our kababayans, especially those who have yet to register their SIMs, to do so already. Please do not wait for the deadline. Your government, through the DICT, and our telcos are doing everything to help you with the SIM registration. 


The aim of the SIM Registration Law is to protect us. It is a step forward to securing digital transactions, allowing more citizens to be part of e-commerce, and providing safer and more efficient access to e-government services.


We call on everyone’s cooperation, because the sooner we are able to accomplish the SIM registration, the sooner we can experience the protection of the law and its other benefits.


Thank you very much and a good day to all.




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