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May 7, 2021

Top 10 projects in Cagayan Valley

When Pigalo Bridge in Isabela was devastated by typhoons Pedring and Quiel in 2011, farmers who wanted to deliver their agricultural products to Manila or Tuguegarao had to take a 76-kilometer detour via Alicia-Angadanan-San Guillermo-Naguilian Road.

Residents of Isabela had to cross the Cagayan River whenever they had to go to school or sell their produce. Small boats have become a principal mode of transportation. However, villages are isolated during the rainy season when boats are prohibited.

The Pigalo Bridge is only one of 322 bridges completed in Region 2.

According to Department of  Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar, under the term of  President Rodrigo Duterte, a total of 1,483-kilometer of roads, 378 flood mitigation structures and 5,589 classrooms have been completed in the Cagayan Valley Region.

Today, let’s explore 10 big ticket projects in Cagayan Valley, a region composed of five provinces: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino.

  1.  Pigalo Bridge

Residents of Isabela would no longer need to take a 76-kilometer detour to deliver their agricultural products with the opening of Pigalo Bridge.

The Pigalo Bridge, which was started in April 10, 2017, was completed in a span of two years and was formally inaugurated in June 2019. It replaced the old dilapidated overflow structure, which posed a danger to motorists and pedestrians for at least eight years.

To secure access of pedestrians, sidewalks with concrete railings were also included in the 450-meter Pigalo Bridge, which established access of San Guillermo, Echague and San Mateo in Isabela to Tuguegarao City and Manila via Daang Maharlika and Junction Angadanan.

2. Racuh-a-idi Batanes Access Road

Try the Rachu-a-idi Access Road.

The 273-meter Rachu-a-idi Batanes Access Road will enhance the access of locals whose farms and pasture lands are located along the road section as well as those who wish to visit the Racu-ah-idi (Old Settlement).

3. Bayombong-Solano Bypass in Nueva Vizcaya

The 6.202-kilometer Bayombong-Solano Bypass will reduce travel time from Bayombong in Nueva Vizcaya to Manila by about 60 minutes.

4. Abusag Bridge in Cagayan

Is one of 322 bridges completed in the Cagayan Valley Region.

The 511-meter Abusag Bridge will reduce travel time from Tuguegarao City and Baggao from two hours and 30 minutes to only one hour and 30 minutes. It will benefit 15,000 per day.

5. Cabagan Bypass Road in Isabela

The 1.7-kilometer four-lane Cabagan Bypass Road traverses Barangays Ngarag, Poblacion and Ugad in Cabagan, Isabela.  Travel time from Tuguegarao City in Cagayan and Ilagan City in Isabela will be reduced by at least 20 minutes. It will benefit about 15, 000 motorists per day.

6. Disiluad Bridge in Quirino

The 161-meter Disiluad Bridge along Cordon-Aurora Boundary Road will connect the municipalities of Diffun and Maddela in Quirino.

7. Alicia-Angadanan-San Guillermo-Cauayan City-Naguilian Bypass

The 77-kilometer Alicia-Angadanan-San Guillermo-Cauayan City-Naguilian Bypass involves the construction of four bridges: Colorado, Dioton, Macalauat, and San Luis. The project, which was partially opened this June, will connect the municipalities of Alicia, Angadanan, San Guillermo, Cauayan and Naguilan in Isabela.

8. Roxas Bypass Road

The 4.9-kilometer Roxas Bypass Road will traverse Barangay San Antonio along Santiago-Tuguegarao Road and intersect the Roxas Paracelis Road. It will reduce travel time from Sotero to Poblacio in Roxas, Isabela from 30 minutes to only 10 minutes.

9. Bambang Bypass Road in Nueva Vizcaya

The 5.57-kilometer Bambang Bypass Road traverses Barangay Almaguer North, Buag Calaocan, Homestead, and Macate. It will reduce travel time along Daang Maharlika Road.

10. Claveria Diversion Road

The 4.55-kilometer Claveria Diversion Road will traverse Barangays Kilkiling, Bilibigao, Pinas, and San Antonio. It will also connect the National Highway from Barangay Kilkiling  to the Claveria-Calanasan Road, a road going to the upper Province of Apayao, within a span of 8-10 minutes.

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